PS1 Emulator (Playstation)

The best emulator is RetroArch ( and then use the core for Playstation emulation, the Beetle PSX HW. To run the games, you need to extract a PS1 bios (DOWNLOAD) in the system folder of the RetroArch directory. This core offers the use of Vulkan technology for rendering, widescreen options without stretching the image and is extremely accurate. For example, the game Bust a Groove, known in other emulators for losing the synchronization of music with the commands, does not lose the synchrony in this core (Beetle PSX HW).

Another option is ePSXe ( ). To run the games, you need to extract a PS1 bios DOWNLOAD ) in the emulator bios folder and configure in the emulator. It is also recommended to use the Pete audio (PEOp.S. DSound PSX SPU) and video (Pete's OpenGL2 PSX GPU) plugins ), which are the best options for a perfect emulation. Just download the plugins, unzip in the plugins folder and configure. After you configure the emulator, just open the ISO of the game you want to play.

For better graphics, increase internal resolutions X and Y in the graphic plugin settings. Also consider using shaders (see the topic ). A ShadX's Natural Vision Shader (Modded by Simonet) gives a considerable improvement for 3D games.